Frequently Asked Questions

Renting a motor home is a wonderful way to enjoy an outdoor family adventure.  However, if RV camping is new to you it may seem a little intimidating!  Don't worry - it's super easy and we give you all the resources to make sure you are comfortable from the first moment to the last.  Here are some of the top questions we are asked:

  • We are camping in Yosemite and there are no hookups - do we have to run the generator to have power?
    • Absolutely not!  The generator is necessary for only a few things: the A/C in the rear coach, the microwave oven, the TV (on some models), and the electrical outlets.  Everything else (stove/oven, refrigerator/freezer, interior and patio lights, furnace, etc.) run on either the propane system or the coach batteries (or both).  We provide you with a full tank of propane and the coach batteries are easily recharged by running the engine for 15-20 minutes.
  • How much water does the RV hold?  Will we need to refill it?
    • Our RV's hold between 42 and 50 gallons of water.  You may need to refill the water tank depending on the length of your trip, how many showers you take in the RV and how much you conserve.  The tank is easy to refill and we will show you how to do it during your orientation.
  • Can we park our car at your location while we are out in the RV?
    • We have free, secure parking and you are welcome to leave your car at our location.
  • Are there additional charges besides the nightly rental rate?
    • Normally the only additional charge is for state sales tax (7.75%).  We don't charge extra for "kitchen" or "personal" packages - all of these items are included in the nightly rate! 
  • Can we pick up and drop off our RV on weekends and holidays?
    • Yes!  We are open 7 days a week and on holidays.
  • Will we need to dump the sewer and refill the gas, propane and water tanks before returning the RV?
    • We do ask that you dump the sewer at your campground and refill the gas tank before you return the RV.  It is not necessary to refill the propane or water tanks.
  • What time can we pick up and drop off the RV?
    • Normal pickup time is between 2:30 and 5:00 p.m.  and return time is 12:00 noon.  Special arrangements can be made if necessary - please ask and we will try to accommodate you.
  • Can you deliver and set up at our campsite?
    • Sorry, we don't deliver to Yosemite (but don't worry - our RV's are super easy to drive and the valley campsites are only 55 miles away).  We can arrange delivery to Bass Lake at Yosemite RV Resort, Sierra Meadows, High Sierra RV Park, Yosemite RV Resort and Paradise Springs.